Jackie’s Ozark Recipes, Repairs, Remedies, & Rhetoric

The tastiest dishes from over 50 years of experience …
Tips on how to fix every-day problems …
Siimple cures for simple ills … and humorous tidbits of down-home wisdom …

Jackie's Ozark Recipes, Repairs, Remedies & Rhetoric - 130pp

Jackie’s Ozark Recipes, Repairs, Remedies, & Rhetoric – by Bob Hinds – Softcover – Spiral Reference Bound – 130 pages – ISBN 0972588736 – Illustrated – Indexed

From the author, Bob Hinds:

“Jackie Hinds has a photographic memory,and can read a book in a short time, as well as recall all of the significant details. She also remembers almost all of the recipes for preparing a meal, plus the many recipes of her mother’s and mother-in-law’s. However, it is a MUST to have a pen and paper handy as she “rattles” off each recipe.

Since we were in the registered livestock business for many years, and thus hosted one or more visitors to our ranch on an almost daily basis, Jackie averaged feeding more than 1524 guests per year at her dinner table, during the 15 or so years of which she kept track.

That did not include our four children, plus six other children that we raised. Nor did it include the furnishing of food to between 4 and 6 purebred sales per year, each with an average of 240 in attendance, or the several social barbecues each year that each hosted between 10 to 150 persons.

Jackie developed such a good reputation as a cook that it was never hard to get a crowd at her table.

What’s amazing is considering that when I first married her, she couldn’t even boil water. “She thought a ‘well-balanced’ meal was a sandwich in each hand.” But after feeding literally thousands of hungry people over the years, she developed truly exceptional recipes.

All who partake of them think that they are the tastiest ever. “If you haven’t eaten some of Jackie’s good cooking, you will never know what a failure Betty Crocker really is …!”

Jackie also has a repertoire of simple folk remedies accumulated over the years for most ailments. As a result, many people call her, from coast to coast, often even in the middle of the night, needing to treat a sick child or family member, because no doctor is available. In a second or two she seems able to recall a remedy for just about any simple ailment that afflicts them.

Jackie’s father had a sharp mind and was a designer, mechanic, inventor, and test pilot for Beech Aircraft in the 1930’s.

She has inherited that mechanical skill from her dad, and can fix or “jerry rig” just about anything. One day four men had tried unsuccessfully for six hours to assemble a large metal livestock feeder, when one of them finally thought about getting Jackie to look over the instructions. In just about 26 minutes, they had it put together.

Jackie has always been noted for the many applicable and humorous quips, quotes, and “old sayings” for any occasion, which have often been passed down for generations.

Because of this mind full of valuable recipes, remedies, skills, and interesting sayings, her children have always wanted them written down and recorded, before she leaves this world and takes them with her.

Most of them are now recorded in this book. Enjoy!”


Jackie's Ozark Recipes, Repairs, Remedies & Rhetoric - 130pp

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